Hanson Applied Sciences is a software firm based in Malta. The team is made up of quants, traders and software engineers focused on the research of automated trading algorithms for the sports betting markets. 



Hanson Applied Sciences trades in large scale on sports betting markets through automation and a small but efficient staffing structure. The core business is the market making of betting exchanges with annual betting turnover of over a billion pounds per annum. We recognise the challenges of attracting liquidity to the betting exchanges and the demand for companies specialised in pricing outcomes to fill that gap.  We believe very strongly in automation in order to scale activities and remain competitive.



Hanson operates a microservice architecture running in dockerized containers on AWS. Our code base is primarily python and with Haskell used in our testing framework. We use PostgreSQL for data storage in the main applications and Redshift for running batch jobs.
We have extensive tooling for dealing with event sourcing, asynchronous communication between services and serialisation using Cap'n Proto. Our culture is one of iterative and intelligent optimisation with an emphasis on pragmatism.



Our tech stack allows our proprietary trading algorithms to price hundreds of sports, political and current affairs events to a competitive margin at any one time. We understand the need to get the majority of sporting, politics and current affairs events on offer priced to a competitive margin as demanded by bettors. Hanson strives to deliver in that regard by balancing betting turnover, risk and profit as well as satisfying our counter parties' desire for liquid markets and competitive prices.