Work culture is very important to us. We encourage our colleagues to achieve their goals without worrying about politics and red tape. Hanson employees are in control of their projects and responsible for setting the company vision and goals.  



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Trading Operations (Malta)

Our in house trading analysts and business support colleagues monitor and manage our live algorithmic trading strategies and the day to day operations of the business from Saint Julians, Malta. 

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Engineering & Data

Our software engineers and quants work research and implement technical improvements to our algorithms.




Developers work on improving the architecture our trading algorithms rely upon, introduce new features and implement mathematical models into code.



Quants analyse large volumes of data and research and implement sports and pricing models to improve our algorithmic trading strategies.


Trading Analysts

Trading analysts maintain and analyse micro-level market data, monitor and manage our live algorithmic trading strategies round the clock.


Why Hanson?

  • Flexible hours and holidays

  • Self management structure

  • Catered meals

  • Stock options and profit share scheme

  • Sit stand desks

  • Peer based salary review